The theme of truth or true-to-nature has long been part of the traditional artistic vocabulary. “Veritas: New Realism” is a captivating look into contemporary realism through the eyes of two outstanding painters. Who are they?
“With keen eyes and a trained brush, a great artist is able not only to capture the scene in photographic specificity, but suggest a narrative by the careful choices he or she makes in lighting, objects, even textures,” says gallery owner Ann Korologos. Truer words have never been spoken, and the art world eagerly awaits the opening of “Veritas: New Realism” on July 8 in Basalt, Colorado.

Sarah Lamb, “Julep Cup and Pomegranates,” oil on linen, 12 x 32 in. (c) Ann Korologos Gallery 2016

Featuring the works of masterful realists Sarah Lamb and Brett Scheifflee, “Veritas” is a captivating display of realism from still life to landscape. Lamb’s well-observed still lifes offer the viewer the chance to meditate on the mundane — the subtle textures and nuances of small subjects. On the other hand, Scheifflee enjoys capturing larger scenes, such as vast landscapes, Animalia, and more.
“Veritas: New Realism” opens at Ann Korologos Gallery on July 8 and will be on view through July 28. To learn more, visit Ann Korologos Gallery.  
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