Many artists have a lifelong passion for using their creative eye to capture nature and its incredibly diverse wildlife. This museum in Wisconsin is known particularly for its love of birds in art. A current exhibition only proves this point.
On view now through August 14 at Wausau, Wisconsin’s, Woodson Art Museum is a brilliant display of winged beauty from the hand of Owen J. Gromme (1896-1991). A member of Wisconsin’s Conservation Hall of Fame, Gromme was known as the “dean of U.S. wildlife artists” and was a native of Wisconsin.

Owen J. Gromme, “Meadowlark,” 1966, oil on canvas, (c) Woodson Art Museum 2016

Via the WCHF website: “Gromme’s reputation as a painter of wildlife enabled him to bring attention and action to important conservation issues such as legislation to protect birds, the protection of the Horicon Marsh, and the formation of the International Crane Foundation.”
On display at the Woodson Museum are a number of original oil paintings, watercolors, and field sketches by Gromme that will surely be a delight for those looking for a reprieve from the summer heat. To learn more, visit the Woodson Art Museum.
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