Todd Casey, “Globe and Pumpkin,” oil, (c) Whistler House Museum of Art 2016

Posted: Thursday, 22 September 2016 12:29PM

Andrew Webster Reporting

Although it has been traditionally considered to be a “lesser” genre, contemporary painters continue to explore the range, power, and depth of still life. These modern approaches to the genre form the core of this magnetic exhibition.
The Whistler House Museum of Art is proud to be hosting a lovely still life exhibition this fall in Lowell, Massachusetts. Featuring works by artists who are members of the Lowell Art Association — the oldest incorporated art association in the country — “Still Lifes” includes both traditional and contemporary approaches to the genre.
More than 50 paintings compose the show, with pictures by Dee Lessard, Todd Casey, Priti Lathia, Deirdre Grunwald, Lisa Movvuri, Mary Rose O’Connell, Helene Levasseur, Jennifer McCalmont, Lucinda Britton, Melody Phaneuf, Meredith Fife Day, Lynne Mehlman, and Mary Minifie.

Lisa Kovvuri, “Three for Tea,” oil, (c) Whistler House Museum of Art 2016

Via the museum’s president and executive director, Sara Bogosian, “It is so interesting and inspirational to see the varied interpretations of still lifes by the artists of the Lowell Art Association. We invite guests of all ages to experience this impressive and skillful collection of paintings.”
The museum adds, “From traditional golden hues reminiscent of the seventeenth-century Dutch masters to dynamic strokes and splashes of color, the works in Still Lifes demonstrate a variety of interpretations of the traditional genre. Unique compositions feature flowers, sculptures, pumpkins, and an array of subjects as the artists pay homage to still life paintings and explore the possibilities of representing objects in pigment.”
“Still Lifes” opens on September 28 with a reception on October 8 from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. The show will run through November 12, 2016. To learn more, visit the Whistler House Museum of Art.
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