Edward Aldrich, “Touching the Sky,” oil, (c) Evergreen Fine Art 2016

Evergreen Fine Art in Colorado is excited to showcase a number of recent paintings by renowned wildlife painter Edward Aldrich this fall. What can collectors expect?
Trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, painter Edward Aldrich has possessed a keen talent for representing wildlife since an early age. At 26, the burgeoning artist was juried into the Society of Animal Artists and since then his paintings have been widely collected. Today, paintings by Aldrich can be found at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, the National Wildlife Art Museum, and the Rockwell Museum. Further, his paintings have been auctioned at Christie’s and the Buffalo Bill Auction.
Evergreen Fine Art in Evergreen, Colorado, will host a solo exhibition of Aldrich’s recent works this fall opening on October 1. Via the gallery webpage, “Edward Aldrich is an artist dedicated to reaching beyond the realistic rendering of wildlife and the natural world. He is convinced that conveying the inherent being of an animal is integral to his work. His style breathes life into his subjects and invokes the viewer into feeling that he or she is actually a witness to the scene. The viewer is not left to simply look and appreciate, but is drawn into experiencing the essence of what is depicted. In short, his is an art of feeling as well as portrayal.”

To learn more, visit Evergreen Fine Art.
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