Perhaps they’re mysterious, perhaps they’re moody. They are, however, beautiful. How will you receive Nancy Bush’s “Interpretations” during this hypnotic solo exhibition in Texas?

On view through November 8 at InSight Gallery, “Interpretations” is a wonderful display of 12 new works from adroit painter Nancy Bush. In paintings featuring stunning color arrangements in square formats, Bush displays her landscape prowess during the show.

Nancy Bush, “Squall Line,” oil, 40 x 48 in. (c) Nancy Bush 2016
Nancy Bush, “Squall Line,” oil, 40 x 48 in. (c) Nancy Bush 2016

Characteristic of Bush’s work, her pictures display a foggy, abstracted mood with softly defined edges and near-imperceptible forms. However, extended consideration reveals subtle details that delight the careful observer. Even Bush’s works that display little — if any — color showcase a depth of space and energy few artists are capable of capturing.

Nancy Bush, “Twilight,” oil, 30 x 24 in. (c) Nancy Bush 2016
Nancy Bush, “Twilight,” oil, 30 x 24 in. (c) Nancy Bush 2016

To learn more, visit InSight Gallery.

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