Contemporary realist William Oberst will showcase several of his newest pictures this fall in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Take a glimpse of life and relationships through his unique artistic vision here.

Using soft contours and vivid color, and paying homage to art history are the works of William Oberst during his latest solo exhibition at From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Presenting his subjects in everyday settings, Oberst plays will deep contemporary symbolism is works that are visually breathtaking. “My oil paintings are glimpses of life and relationships,” Oberst writes. “They entered my consciousness the way they entered yours — isolated moments resonating with a meaning that’s just out of reach. I regard them as images of the twenty-first century that will speak to future generations. I build the images from layers of translucent and excavated paint, a technique borrowed from the old masters. That’s very different from the immediacy of watercolors, where my subject is natural landscapes, something I find endlessly fascinating. Each medium has its place. Life is both enigmatic and beautiful.”

William Oberst, “Diner Waitress,” 2016, oil on linen, 48 x 50 in. (c) From Russia With Art Gallery 2016
William Oberst, “Diner Waitress,” 2016, oil on linen, 48 x 50 in. (c) From Russia With Art Gallery 2016

A special event will also be hosted at the gallery on December 3. From 4:30 to 6 p.m., the gallery will present a provocative 20-minute film by Oberst titled “The Painter’s Vision.” Following the film, Oberst will lead a discussion with participants intended to explore the deep connection between how painters and audiences see art.

To learn more, visit From Russian With Art Gallery.

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  1. Thank you very much for writing about “New Beginnings” exhibition of William Oberst at From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge, dear Fine Art Connoisseur! We truly love your magazine and honored to be featured here. Please join us to meet the Artist during his film screening “The Painter’s Vision” at the gallery ( 281 Concord Avenue in cambridge) on December 3rd from 4 30- 6 PM.

    Olesya & Jerry Koenig,

  2. […] Along with 3 personal exhibits of Russian, Ukrainian and American artists, such as Anatoly Dverin, OPA,  it  offered a great “Art Flirts with Fashion” event at the artist Maria Bablyak opening reception, a  fashion show by Bostonian designer Rimma Zaika, movie screenings, children’s Martyoshki nesting dolls  decoration and painting workshops with Larissa Dyan,  Olesya Koenig and Jim Kociuba, and Russian tea celebration, in cooperation with Russian-American Cultural Center of Boston The painting by contemporary realist William Oberst ( North Adams, MA) “Diner Waitress,” which was featured by the gallery at the Holiday exhibit “New Beginnings,” is published in January-February 2017 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine. […]


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