Booth Gallery in New York is currently hosting a hauntingly beautiful group exhibition this season featuring one of the biggest names in the art world today.

Curated by art critic Donald Kuspit and gallery director Casey Gleghorn, Booth Gallery’s current exhibition “Sensuous & Pensive: At Odds & Overlapping” is a visual feast and conceptual journey through contemporary and imaginative realism. Featuring works by nine artists — some represented by one work, others by multiples — “the exhibition takes a fresh look at the ‘conceptual’ label in contemporary art,” the gallery suggests. “The collection of works is a varied perceptual feast. Visitors are invited to contemplate both the pure visual experience (sensuous) versus the intellectual experience (pensive) elicited by each piece. What is revealed is that the exhibited works convincingly activate both categories of perception.”

Odd Nerdrum, “The Night,” 2006, oil on canvas, 116 x 79 in. (c) Booth Gallery 2016
Odd Nerdrum, “The Night,” 2006, oil on canvas, 116 x 79 in. (c) Booth Gallery 2016

Among the artists included in the show is kitsch master Odd Nerdrum, along with Mike Cockrill, Neverly Fishman, Alberto DiFabo, Chad Wys, Lynn Stern, Marjorie Grigonis, Maynard Monrow, and Joseph Beuys.

“Sensuous & Pensive: At Odds & Overlapping” opened on November 18 and will continue through January 14. To learn more, visit Booth Gallery.

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