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Studio Incamminati — a premier school for contemporary realist art — is coming to Facebook Live later this month for a can’t-miss opportunity. What is it and when?

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Studio Incamminati is one of the most respected schools for contemporary realist art in the country. Using Facebook Live, the school is now becoming more accessible!

On Saturday, March 25, from 12:30-4:30 p.m. ET, Studio Incamminati will broadcast a LIVE demo featuring three incredible artists. Titled “The Dream Stream: Three Artists, Three Perspectives,” the demo will feature Lea Colie Wight, Darren Kingsley, and Kerry Dunn as they perform a live-model painting demo.

As part of the event, moderators Dan Thompson and Natalie Italiano (also instructors at the school) will be on hand to answer questions from Facebook viewers. The demonstration has also engaged an experienced tech crew for a multi-camera operation, giving viewers every angle of the action!

Mark your calendars and turn your home into Studio Incamminati for an afternoon!

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