Joseph Henry Sharp, “Crucita-Taos Indian Girl in Old Hopi Wedding Dress and Dry Flowers (Winter Bouquet),” oil, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa

The Couse Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, is hosting a major celebration and gala fundraiser this weekend that features this grand opening. What is it and where?

This weekend, on June 10 and 11, the Couse Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, hosts its 5th Biennial Couse-Sharp Gala. The event will begin on the 10th at the Harwood Museum of Art with a lecture by Peter Hassrick, director emeritus and senior scholar for the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. The lecture will cover the studios of Joseph Henry Sharp and is designed to highlight the grand opening of Sharp’s newly restored second studio, which will showcase a new, permanent exhibition dedicated to the artist. Although the grand opening is slated for Sunday, attendees will have much to do after Hassrick’s lecture, as a gala fundraiser at the El Monte Sagrado Resort begins at 5 p.m.

Via the Couse Foundation, “Saturday’s gala event will include a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception, a silent and live auction and a gourmet dinner with live music. The studio grand opening and exhibition, ‘Joseph Henry Sharp: The Life and Work of an American Legend,’ on Sunday will be held in the adobe studio designed and built by Sharp, and will allow a peek into his art career that will include significant works of art, personal ephemera and Native American artifacts that he collected throughout his life. Many of the artifacts on display have appeared in his paintings. The exhibit will mark the first permanent exhibition dedicated to Sharp.

“‘The Couse-Sharp Gala Weekend is a beautiful event full of fun, art and history,’ said Karina Armijo, Director of Marketing and Tourism for the Town of Taos. ‘It’s wonderful to see people come out and celebrate the rich history of art and creative thinking that Taos was built upon.’”

To learn more, visit the Couse Foundation of Taos.

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