Stephen Hannock, “Flooded River with Red Maple,” 2016, oil on canvas, 44 1/8 x 72 inches

Grenning Gallery in New York will soon open a major exhibition of landscapes by this celebrated American painter. He’s widely collected and found in major public collections around the country; do you recognize his work?

Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York, is poised to open a significant solo show of recent landscapes by American painter Stephen Hannock (b. 1951). Although Hannock uses modern techniques and themes in his works, there is an undeniable luminousness to his work that recalls the great Hudson River School and other 19th-century masters.

Stephen Hannock, “Incendiary Nocturne with Stormy Sea,” 2016, oil on canvas, 48 x 40 inches

The exhibition, which opens June 10, includes a diverse range of Hannock’s landscapes, from the large to the small, atmospheric to crisp, and from morning to nocturne. The largest painting in the show, titled “Flooded River with Red Maple,” is a clear demonstration of Hannock’s proficiency as a colorist. Peeking through a group of trees along the horizon, the sun has just begun to pierce through a morning fog, creating a stunning blend of warm hues that radiate into the cool, jewel-like blues and greens of the sky and water. Hannock explains that he is commenting on “seasonal sweeping away of debris gathered over the winter, which is an annual event.” The gallery adds, “Rather than looking at the devastation one can see in a flood, Hannock prefers to think about the cleansing ramifications.”

Stephen Hannock, “Incendiary Nocturne, Bridge Launch,” 2015, mixed media on canvas, 54 x 36 inches
Stephen Hannock, “Flooded River, Summer Dawn,” 2016, oil on panel, 36 x 60 inches

Also included in the exhibition are a number of rocket nocturnes, which were inspired by similar pictures by Whistler. There is a great deal of anticipation in these works, as the artist has strived to capture the stream of light as a rocket darts across the sky before the starburst explosion.

The exhibition will be on view through July 2. To learn more, visit Grenning Gallery.

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