Craig Blietz, “Pole Timber,” 2017, oil on linen, 40 x 56 inches

Edgewood Orchard in Door County, Wisconsin, will soon feature new bodies of work by several accomplished painters Summer, including a renowned native son.

Door County native Craig Blietz has established national renown for his paintings of farm animals and rural Midwest landscapes that celebrate the dignity and quiet beauty of agrarian life. Blietz’s work — along with selections by Judi Ekholm, Susan Hale, and Marcia McDonough — will soon be on display at Edgewood Orchard in Door County. Opening July 15 and showing through August 15, the exhibition reflects the inspiration Blietz gleans from the serene landscapes and noble depictions of animals created by 19th-century French Barbizon School artists.

“Approaching a forest triggers moments of intense anxiety, much like the unease created by a storm on the horizon or the stressful suspense of a pending athletic contest,” suggests Blietz. “Anxiety and anticipation are at their peak just prior to experiencing the actual event. That is not to say that stepping foot into a forest does or should relieve the apprehension. Poet Todd Davis, Professor of Environmental Studies at Penn State University’s Altoona College, remarked to me during a recent hike that, ‘Nature doesn’t care if you live or die.’ I believe we recognize this, albeit subconsciously. Nature is a place for thoughtful, cautious, and careful reverie.”

To learn more, visit Edgewood Orchard.

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