by Sergio Roffo, oil, 24 x 36 inches

Works by Sergio Roffo — perhaps one of the foremost American coastal landscape painters — will soon be on display at Quidley & Company in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

For decades, Sergio Roffo has been hard at work mastering the New England coastal landscape, both near his home and farther afield. “With a solid grounding in the fundamentals of his craft,” the gallery writes, “Roffo captures the small details — the texture of dune grass, the particular quality of light of a Nantucket Harbor sunset — that bring a scene to life. Roffo is a plein air painter of the first degree; he displays a clear talent for expressing the elegance of nature through his masterful brushwork and ability to capture light and atmospheric effects.

“His intimate relationship with his subject matter — the sea, sky, beaches and boats that surround him — is evident in all of Roffo’s work. This emotional component, along with a uniformity of excellence, lends the work a greater degree of complexity, and has earned him an enthusiastic following.”

Four plein air pieces by Roffo, 10 x 20 inches (each)

Roffo will be presenting several of his newest works at Quidley & Company, opening the evening of Friday, August 18. To learn more, visit here.

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