Daniel E. Greene: Studios and Subways, Daniel E. Greene and Maureen Bloomfield, (2017, North Light Books, Cincinnati)

In an ideal world, everyone would exchange art as gifts for the holidays. Since that certainly doesn’t exist, we’ve got another great suggestion for that fine art connoisseur in your family.

From one of America’s most accomplished artists and a pioneer of figurative realism, Studios and Subways is a fantastic new publication that celebrates a body of work by Daniel E. Greene spanning six prolific decades. “A brilliant collaboration between the artist and art critic Maureen Bloomfield, this impressive monograph features more than 200 of Daniel E. Greene’s best oil paintings and pastels — from the underworlds of pool halls, carnivals, and New York subways to classically posed nudes and the elite culture of auction houses,” the press release reads. “Also included are his still lifes, self-portraits, and commissioned portraits of such illustrious subjects as Eleanor Roosevelt, Ayn Rand, and astronaut Walter Schirra, Jr.

“Essays offer an intimate look at the techniques, ideas, and influences — contemporary and historical — behind these provocative paintings. Equally fascinating is Greene’s personal journey: starting with his early days in Cincinnati and drawing quick-portraits of tourists on Miami Beach … to his time at the Art Students League in New York, his stint in the Army, and his distinguished teaching career at the League and the National Academy of Design. Reflecting a lifetime of dedication and originality, Daniel E. Greene: Studios and Subways is the definitive study of this legendary artist, full of insight and inspiration for artists and art lovers alike.”

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