A Herb Alpert sculpture, as seen in front of Heather James Fine Art

Herb Alpert: A Visual Melody
February 17 through May 31, 2018
Heather James Fine Art (California)

From the gallery:
Heather James Fine Art is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by artist and musician Herb Alpert. The exhibition, “Herb Alpert: A Visual Melody,” consists of abstract mixed-media paintings and large and small-scale bronze sculptures. Alpert’s expressive use of various media engages the viewer with a captivating sense of movement and form, translating into a lyrical and unforgettable experience.

Artist and musician Herb Alpert

In addition to being a world-renowned musician, Alpert has spent more than half his life as a respected abstract expressionist painter and sculptor, whose work has been widely exhibited in the U.S. and Europe. Since he began painting in 1969, Alpert has experimented with a number of different styles and materials. In 2013, Alpert was recognized by President Barack Obama with the National Medal of Arts Award.

Always personal and expressive, Alpert’s paintings articulate fluidity and motion. Alpert’s sculptures draw interest with their freedom of form. His first totems were inspired by indigenous sculptural forms from the Pacific Northwest, but his Black Spirit Totems series, with their massive form, became more gestural. Walking among these giants is awe-inspiring.

Visit the website of Heather James Fine Art to learn more about this exhibition. 

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