Cheri Christensen, “Protecting the Flock,” oil, 18 x 36 in.

InSight Gallery is proud to host its 9th annual Texas Masters art show, featuring new works by the finest Texas artists living and working today, each with their own unique voice but collectively as diverse as the State of Texas.

Visitors can expect more than 40 new works from gallery artists Roy Andersen, Mary Ross Buchholz, Nancy Bush, Jill Carver, Cheri Christensen, Douglas Clark, Teresa Elliott, Jim Eppler, Bruce Greene, George Hallmark, Francois Koch, Mark Haworth, Kyle Ma, Kay Northup, Robert Pummill, Gladys Roldan-de-Moras, Aleksander Titovets, Lyuba Titovets, and Ann Kraft Walker, and guest artists David Griffin and Brian Grimm.

Bruce Greene, “A Cowpuncher’s Paradise,” oil, 34 x 52 in.
Jill Carver, “Ocotillo,” oil, 24 x 24 in.
Mark Haworth, “Precarious Horizon,” oil, 24 x 36 in.
Ann Kraft Walker, “A Sweet Memory,” oil, 27 x 20 in.
David Griffin, “Dawn’s Early Light, Big Bend,” oil, 34 x 24 in.
Nancy Bush, “Moon and Fog,” oil, 20 x 20 in.
Brian Grimm, “The Courtship,” oil, 19 x 25 in.

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