Francis Di Fronzo, "The Crossing (Part 5)," 2017, oil over watercolor and gouache on panel, 25 x 60 in.

Francis Di Fronzo, The Half-Life of Dreams (Part 2), a Fine Art Exhibition
Through April 21, 2018
Somerville Manning Gallery, Greenville, Delaware

From the gallery:

Francis Di Fronzo has received national attention as a featured artist in the popular television series “Better Call Saul” (his work can be seen hanging in the main character’s office), and his recent coverage in a number of national art magazines, with his distinctive paintings that provide an uncomfortable mix of nostalgia and lamentation of the post-industrial American landscape.

Francis Di Fronzo, “Proven Lands (Part 1),” 2017, oil over watercolor and gouache on panel, 32 x 72 in.

In his fine art exhibition, “The Half-Life of Dreams (Part 2),” Di Fronzo depicts scenes that are both beautiful and poetic, but also deeply personal and mysterious. Executed with keen attention to detail, his paintings represent a significant departure from more traditional forms of realism. Instead of working from direct observation, the works so carefully depicted in Di Fronzo’s paintings are created purely from the artist’s imagination.

Francis Di Fronzo, “Refuge,” 2018, oil over watercolor and gouache, 31 x 41 in.

While the artist describes his paintings as “nothing more than fictitious constructs of the natural world,” he also considers his landscapes to be “a universal context for everything in life.” The results of his unique approach are paintings that are visually intense, lyrical, and expressive. Di Fronzo transforms the ephemera of American landscapes into visions of unwavering intensity, convincing us that even the most unassuming territory is never as straightforward as it initially appears.

Francis Di Fronzo, The Motel (Part 4),” 2017, oil over watercolor and gouache on panel, 31 x 61 in.

In 2004 Di Fronzo won a Pew Fellowship in the Arts award. Born in California, he received his BFA at the University of California, Fullerton, before moving to Philadelphia to attain a Master’s degree at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Francis Di Fronzo, “The Crossing (Part 2),” 2018, oil over watercolor and gouache, 14 x 18 in.

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