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“After the Storm” by Dolores Justus

The August exhibit at Justus Fine Art Gallery (Hot Springs, Arkansas) will mark the gallery’s fourteenth year of business. The exhibit will feature work by Dustyn Bork, Taimur Cleary, Matthew Hasty, Robyn Horn, Dolores Justus, Jill Kyong, Charles Peer, Sandra Sell, Gene Sparling, Dan Thornhill, and others. The anniversary show will open with a reception on Friday, August 3, in conjunction with the monthly Gallery Walk in downtown Hot Springs.

Acclaimed pastel artist Charles Peer is the newest addition to the gallery roster. A selection of Peer’s landscapes will be included in the exhibit, along with Matthew Hasty’s luminous painting “Delta Moon,” and the abstracted landscapes of Dolores Justus. A selection of colorful shaped paintings by Dustyn Bork will also be featured, along with Dan Thornhill’s vibrant abstract paintings. Jill Kyong will add a new piece to the display of her inventive wood tables, and work by wood sculptors Robyn Horn and Sandra Sell, along with woodturnings by Gene Sparling will also be included.

Art gallery news -
“Delta Moon” by Matthew Hasty

In reflecting on the gallery’s anniversary, owner Dolores Justus says, “Though the fourteenth year isn’t one of the traditional milestone anniversaries, I couldn’t resist drawing the comparison of gallery ownership (along with the path as an artist) with hiking a Fourteener — those mountains that are 14,000 feet or higher in elevation. You begin to climb, not knowing exactly where you’ll end up or what you will meet in the process. As you take each next step, new beauties and views are revealed. There are also steep inclines, icy patches, and boulder-strewn paths, coupled with the thinning air. Those challenges in terrain are necessary to produce the dramatic waterfalls or expansive vistas you may find further along. The arts don’t always provide the safe footing that other disciplines offer. It is often a solitary road as an artist, and galleries have challenges of their own, evidenced by the rash of closings in recent years.

“In drawing the analogy wider, we all have our own mountains to climb. We all experience setbacks and hardships, but for those who are able to find the treasures along the way, the result is a life filled with joy and gratitude. This is where I stand — in appreciation of all the artists, friends, collectors, and supporters who have walked with me over the past fourteen years.”

“Fourteener” will be on display at Justus Fine Art Gallery August 3–31, 2018.

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