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Kevin Chambers (b. 1982) is a sculptor from Atlanta who has been exploring a range of subjects, scales, and stories for more than 15 years. An elected member of the National Sculpture Society, Chambers was introduced to the art of creating in three dimensions at the age of 12 during an apprenticeship with Georgia artist Colleen Sterling.

Contemporary sculpture -
Kevin Chambers, “Awaken,” 2016, bronze, 18 x 10 x 10 in., private collection

He went on to pursue a B.F.A. in media arts and animation from the Art Institute of Atlanta, studied the figure in Naples with draftsman Glenn Vilppu, and worked with Atlanta painter and illustrator Elio Guevara. The young artist next spent 10 years as an apprentice in a large-scale commission studio, where he learned the business of being a professional sculptor.

Contemporary sculpture - FineArtConnoisseur.comAfter incorporating this wide range of influences into the development of his own style, Chambers set up a studio in Atlanta and has been working on personal projects, public commissions, and collaborations ever since. Although Chambers clearly enjoys celebrating the fluidity, flexibility, and sensuality of the human form, there is more to his sculpture than meets the eye.

In a work such as “Awaken,” for instance, the body is crouched down and clenched in what appears to be a position of self-protection, despondence, or self-defense — yet that is only half the story.

“The piece started as a quick sketch during a difficult time in my life and sculpture career,” Chambers shares. “I was putting a lot of myself into the piece, as I was feeling as if I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide from the world. After a while, as my life transitioned, I decided to rework the idea slightly. At first glance, this figure still appears introverted and turning in on herself, but actually it’s the opposite. From a certain angle, the observer can see her face emerging from the form and you realize she is, in fact, ‘awakening’ from the closed-off position and transitioning to a (hopefully) happier state of mind.”

Contemporary sculpture - FineArtConnoisseur.comIn addition to working independently on these and other types of projects, Chambers has a passion for teaching. KLC Studios, a creative space he shares with his photographer wife, Lauren Chambers, has become the site of his regular workshops focused on teaching anatomy, gesture, and proportion to those eager to learn how to sculpt the figure.

Contemporary sculpture -“As a teacher, I gain new insight by feeding off the energy of my students,” Chambers says. “In a way, it makes me a permanent student of sculpture as well, and I plan to spend the rest of my life learning from the human figure and following my ever-evolving inspirations.”

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  1. Nice article, very insightful. Kevin Chambers is a very talented. I love his style, his love for the beauty of the human body, and how he puts himself into his art, he kind of reminds me of the artist Adam Krueger on the new ATO Gallery website.


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