Art trips to Europe -
A photo from last year’s trip to Italy, where we treated our guests to a rare private tour inside the Sistine Chapel, a privilege normally reserved for presidents, queens, and kings.

While others are waiting in long lines in the hot sun, you are privately escorted to a special private entrance, into a VIP section, for private viewings and meetings with top museum officials.

Privilege has its benefits.

Each year Fine Art Connoisseur magazine hosts an art tour in Europe, where we provide a very limited number of people a VIP art experience like no other.

Limited Access

We offer you privileged access to the world’s top experts, the best art on earth, and entry into places that even tour guides frequently don’t know exist — often private homes, private collections, private areas of museums, and special places few will ever see. We’ve visited the homes and studios of artists, living and deceased, seen private collections never shared with the public, and had experiences that cannot be re-created.

We Made National News

Last year one of our highlights included a private tour of the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum, an unheard-of privilege so special that our tour made national news. Our small group of guests had a full hour in the museum after hours, avoiding crowds and having full access to properly view this important artwork.

The Land of Van Gogh

This year, Fine Art Connoisseur’s 10th Annual Art Trip will visit the land of Cezanne and Van Gogh in the South of France — Provence, St. Remy, Nice, and other areas — providing you with an unparalleled art experience that will become a lifetime memory. Our optional post-trip will visit Edinburgh, Scotland.

We would like to invite you to explore the world of art with us. It’s a very small, limited-size group of people who, like you, expect the best.

Please visit our website, explore the agenda and the dates, and, if interested, reserve your seat. We have very few seats available because of our high return rate for previous guests. If seats open up, it’s usually because of family obligations. Take advantage of these open seats this year. Because we often visit private homes, we cannot increase the size of the group, nor do we wish to make it less intimate by growing it any larger.

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