On View: Realism Without Borders
Images courtesy "Realism Without Borders" and Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery

Online art exhibitions > Preview fine art works combining Realism and Impressionism, by award winning artists from around the globe.

During this unprecedented time in the world, we aim to unite the world through art. Since 2012 Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery has been presenting “Realism Without Borders” art exhibitions with this aim, and at this time it is more important than ever to take a global look at the world and work together.

What started out in 2012 as a group of artists and art historians who shared a strong common vision for art, has since become a successful International traveling exhibition of museum quality fine art works: Realism Without Borders.

On View: Realism Without BordersExhibiting side by side, Soviet and historical works with contemporary art by Russian, Ukrainian, American, Indian, French, Norwegian, Italian and Icelandic artists, “Realism Without Borders” aims to connect two centuries and two continents via the commitment to realist painting traditions.

From Lomakin to Gladchenko, Suvorov to Kovalenko, Dunaway to Offutt, this exhibition unites historical works with contemporary International artists who have studied the same rooted fine art techniques and are working in similar styles today. This exhibition allows collectors a rare chance to view and compare works from America, Europe and Russia and to purchase them for their own fine art collection.

On View: Realism Without BordersWorks range from small, affordable gems to large-scale museum-quality works of fine art. The collection of about 100 works is always changing as works are being sold and new works are always being created.

Curated by Vanessa Françoise Rothe and with a selection of imported works by the help of Art Historian Akhmed Salakhly, “Realism Without Borders” operates out of Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery year round in Laguna Beach.

On View: Realism Without Borders“We share an admiration of both ‘Realist’ and ‘Impressionist’ art, and many of our artists in fact combine these styles in order to make strong appealing works of art,” says Rothe. “The viewers will see similar works and styles being created from opposite ends of the globe, finding unity in the works, and likeness in the art that is being created.”

“Realism Without Borders” also believes firmly that art is for the people. Their aim is to have a traveling exhibition in order to touch a wide and diverse audience and bring the work to the eyes of collectors and students alike.

On View: Realism Without BordersView the catalog: https://issuu.com/realismwithoutborders.com/docs/vrfa_gallery_rwb_spring_2020

To inquire about the work, its provenance, and availability, please visit www.vanessarothefineart.com.

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