Facebook Live Series: Cesar Santos “Secrets of Figure Drawing” **FREE VIEWING**

A word from one of our sponsors … Today, we’re traveling into the minds of great artists to discover how they rose to a level of unsurpassed mastery in “Secrets of Figure Drawing” with Cesar Santos.

(4/30/20 Update: The Facebook Live version of this has expired since this article was published. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/StreamlineArtVideo to view many more free lessons that are still available.)

Facebook Live Series: Cesar Santos “Secrets of Figure Drawing” **FREE VIEWING**

Secrets of Figure Drawing with Cesar SantosCesar’s drawings are considered to be some of the finest in the world. In fact, one of today’s top realism collectors purchased one of Cesar’s sketch pads, knowing it will become a national treasure. The entire video is a full course that gives you the depth of training you need to create masterful figure drawings. Here is what one customer had to say, “This is one of the best tutorials because [Cesar] shows everything from start to finish…”

See the full video at: https://lilipubsorders.com/products/cesar-santos-secrets-of-figure-drawing

Video Length: 17 Hours, 55 Minutes
Learn along with Cesar as he shows you:

  • The powerful system he’s developed to teach you to create amazing, transcendent drawings. You’ve probably never seen anything like this…
  • A unique step-by-step approach to creating beautiful figure and portrait drawings…
  • How to remove all the guesswork from the process so you know exactly what to do next…
  • How to help you find success with your art faster and more easily than you would believe… [Get your copy here]

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