Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard
Royal Spirit, 36"x36", oil and bronze on canvas $8700, available through the Broadmoor Galleries, Colorado Springs, CO

Representational Art > Painter and former Peace Corps volunteer Chula Beauregard shares six of her paintings and her inspiration for each.

Chula Beauregard is an award-winning artist, born and raised in the mountains of Colorado. She began painting in the cockpit of a small sailboat in the Bahamas in 5th grade. She enrolled in art every year since, until she graduated cum laude as a Studio Art major from Whitman College. Following college, she served for two years in Gabon, Central Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. She has been painting in oils since 2006, pursuing her career as a professional artist in her hometown of Steamboat Springs, CO.

Royal Spirit (shown above)
My husband is an archery hunter. He is not really a trophy hunter, but this large 6×7 point elk wandered into his sights. He had this European Mount in the house, and I have always admired the strength and grace. I actually completed two paintings simultaneously, exploring texture and graphic elements in both.

Spring Debut
In the spring, the elk who had been wintering in the trees, come down to enjoy the open fields and sprouting grass. After a long winter, we can see the promise of new life in each calf that has joined the herd.

Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard
Spring Debut, 24″x48″, oil and gold gesso on canvas, $7700, available through the Jace Romick Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

This commission was directly informed by the figurative work of Sorolla. A collector had a beautiful photograph of her grandson on the Carolina Beach. As soon as I saw it, I knew this was my chance to take a deep dive into Sorolla’s work, palette, and color theory. What a treat!

Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard
Sandcastles, 8″x10″, oil on linen, sold

Ready to Ride
This big red barn was constructed by the 10th Mountain Division Veteran – turned cow rancher – turned ski area developer, John Fetcher. The 200+ acre ranch north of Steamboat Springs, CO is now run by my classmate and friend, Molly and her husband. This scene of the two of them suiting up for a ride exemplifies the new west. It is rich with heritage and family, yet ever moving into the present.

Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard
Ready to Ride, 18″x24″, oil on linen, $3200, available through the Broadmoor Galleries

Late Winter Solace
One of my favorite times of year to paint in Steamboat Springs is late March. The beautiful, deep snow is still blanketing the ground, yet the sun is warm and the water is starting to open up. What was once concealed comes into view.

Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard
Late Winter Solace, 24″x20, oil on canvas, $3400, available through the Broadmoor Galleries

Into the Light
(written for the AWA catalog at the Booth Museum, now being held virtually):
Have you ever been out walking in the snow? The winter sun, always low in the sky, glints across the tops of the trees as it dips behind the ridge. The ground hides the subnivean life below and reflects the last blue of the sky before dark.
In this peaceful moment, we feel the pull of hibernation. And yet, in the distance, the riotous, inviting warmth of sun on the white bodies of the aspen calls to us. Do we push through the deep snow in pursuit of the light? Or do we stay content in the stillness of this moment?
In my paintings, I use the tools of representational painting to convey the deeper experience of witnessing the beauty of nature.

Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard
Into the Light, 36″x36″, oil on canvas, $8700, available through the American Women Artists

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