Newbury Arts Prize painting
"Sotto la Luna" by Fra Henry Newbery, Circa 1899

When Francis Henry Newbery started the Newbery Arts Prize in 1875, the telephone had only just been invented. A year later, over 800 artists from around the world filled The Royal Albert Hall in London with over three thousand works of art.

Fra Henry Newbery, Circa 1927
Fra Henry Newbery, Circa 1927

With a £75,000 cash prize across the three categories, the art competition celebrates classical artists, sculptors, architects, and designers. Application opens May 15, 2020.

“We want to recognise the cultural brilliance of artists and designers, and we want everyone’s help to discover them and, just as Newbery did, we are also offering the original prize of One Hundred Guineas and The Newbery Trophy for the people choice,” said Jeremy Gower, Owner of Henry Newbery & Co. and Director of the Arts Competition.

Artists will have the option to sell their art through the competition and the public have the option to view the entries. This is primarily a competition for the classical arts and strictly follows the rules set out by Newbery himself nearly one hundred and fifty years ago.

Newbury Arts Prize
The First Newbery Arts Prize Giving, The Royal Albert Hall 1876
Fra Henry Newbery in his Corfe Chapel Studio Circa 1929
Fra Henry Newbery in his Corfe Chapel Studio Circa 1929
Tin Plate photograph of Jeremy ‘Stitch’ Gower, director of The Newbery Arts Prize by Carl Wilson
Tin Plate photograph of Jeremy ‘Stitch’ Gower, director of The Newbery Arts Prize by Carl Wilson
Director Jeremy Gower launches The Newbery Arts Prize 15th May 2020 on the steps of The Royal Albert Hall, London


  • Applications for Entry Open – May 15, 2020
  • Closing Date for Entries – November 15, 2020
  • All artworks to be submitted by March 15, 2021
  • Up to Three entries per application for either one category or mixed
  • Entry Fee £150
  • Artists can be nominated by public with artists permission

Application for entry and T&C’s can be found on the website

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  1. I tried to find some images of works that have been in the Newbery Arts Prize but there is nothing on their site nor on google. They give only a vague idea of what they are looking for to exhibit, “classical artists”? what does that mean? the judges are not named on their site. The only clear thing is they want you to give them £150. They seem to be either very poorly organized, or it is a scam. Maybe I missed something somewhere…

    • Hello Richard,

      We will reveal all the information that we have with regards to the Newbery Arts Prize in the weeks and months to follow. We have a number of brilliant judges to also reveal. You really don’t have to enter the competition immediately, if you don’t want to, nobody is suggesting that you do. The competition follows in exactly the same vein as Fra Henry Newbery set out 145 years ago; it is a competition of highly crafted classical works of art, the interpretation of that is, if you re an artist considering entering, entirely up to you.
      Indeed, there has been very little written on the internet about Fra Henry Newbery, not every piece of information in the world is, however we have many letters, reports, archive articles and documents from a variety of sources other than the internet which we will again reveal in time to come.
      Above all, it is certainly not a scam, a very cynical consideration to make. Perhaps, in time to come, we might look forward to receiving your entry. In the mean time, you might wish to correspond with The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, The Henry Newbery Archive in Dorset, The Royal College of Art in London, etc, I am sure that they will be able to install a little more knowledge about Fra Henry Newbery for your pleasure. We are delighted that you have expressed interest in the competition and yes, the £150 entry is for three pieces to be entered into a choice of one or three different disciplines as depicted. This equates to £50 per entry but saves money for the administration therefore allowing more funds to continue the competition. I have personally funded the $100,000 for the prizes.I hope that this answers all of your concerns at this moment in time.


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