Contemporary realism -
Christopher Pothier, "Pandemia," 33x35, oil

“You can count on Painter Christopher W. A. Pothier’s work landing a slap to the back of your head or planting one on the forehead, oftentimes both.”

Pothier’s contemporary, representational narrative works are on view at Bowersock Gallery (Provincetown, MA) in an exhibition titled “Talk to Me,” September 4-18, 2020. “Talk to Me” will also feature the work of painter Alan Ammann and sculptor Neil Grant.

More from the gallery:

This latest body of work by Pothier is both unintentionally prophetic, and as always powerful, a perfect time to present a story focused on this outstanding, mindful painter.

Pothier’s narratives come at you fast, and unapologetically. They can also stop you short and invite you to look closer, consider the characters and intriguing scenario.

Contemporary realism -
Christopher Pothier, “The New Controls of Adolescence,” 27×39, oil

Over the years Pothier’s work has featured a returning cast of characters; business men and women (conformity), a cowboy kid (past/innocents), and orange jumpsuit clad figures (apocalypse/future). Each asks for critical deconstruction. They speak to us on all manner of topics, ourselves, our state of mind, norms, politics, culture, and society.

Pothier’s latest body of work is oddly prophetic, given most were painted or sketched in 2019 for his upcoming exhibit Bowersock Gallery.

The figures in orange overalls have returned, this time with gas masks, a prop he used in a number of canvases.

Contemporary realism -
Christopher Pothier, “American Apocalyptic,” 38 x 33

“I was struck with bewilderment about the fact that my work was so descriptive of the present moment,” Pothier says. “But it’s fitting. The truth is often in my work; I’ll try and point out dichotomies and ironies. I enjoy creating scenes that are sometimes disturbing, that make people think. I feel like that is my role as an artist.”

Pothier’s images are powerful, direct, poetic, and often chilling and always beautiful for their exquisite execution.

Learn more about “Talk to Me” and the contemporary realism of Christopher W. A. Pothier at

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