Art books - William Blake: Visionary

The J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles) was set to present a major exhibition about the British artist William Blake (1757–1827), but that has been postponed. Fortunately, its catalogue, William Blake: Visionary, is available from Getty Publications, prepared by the Getty’s own Edina Adam and Julian Brooks and the Yale Center for British Art’s Matthew Hargraves.

From the Getty:

Celebrated for his boundless imagination and unique vision, Blake created some of the most striking and distinctive imagery in art, often combining his poetry and visual images on the page through innovative graphic techniques. He has proven an enduring inspiration to artists, musicians, poets, and performers worldwide and a fascinating enigma to generations of admirers.

Featuring over 130 color images, this catalogue brings together many of Blake’s most iconic works. Organized by theme, it explores Blake’s work as a professional printmaker, his roles as both painter-illustrator and poet-painter, his relationship to the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque artists that preceded him, and his legacy in the United States. It also examines his visionary prophetic books, including all eighteen plates of America: A Prophecy.

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