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Kathy Anderson's oil painting, “Quince and Oriole”

Kathy Anderson is no stranger to strong design, which is a major factor in her floral paintings. In the following, Kathy shares her thoughts on her oil painting, “Quince and Oriole.”

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Off the Easel: Quince and Oriole

“This painting was done from life from my quince bush, with one of the orioles ‘posing’ and the other from an Internet image. I keep dead animals and birds in my freezer that meet untimely and natural ends (hitting windows, or my cats) that are in good condition. This enables me to move the bird around for the best point of interest. Using the branches of the shrub is an easy way to create a good design — note the diagonal, with a few branches going off to the right very purposely not on an exact parallel. On the left there are some branches placed vertically to create a sort of ‘fan’.”

“The blossoms are also carefully placed, alternating between some singles and some clusters of flowers. I put one small petal in the upper right so that corner wouldn’t be lost. Also, I made sure the petal was a little higher than the blossoms on the upper left. Not necessary to ‘fill in’ all the background space — it’s nice to have a rest and some mystery — but there’s an indication of leaves with really close values. So the bottom line is the shrub was there for my inspiration, drawing, and light source, but I always have to pick out what I want for the design.”

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  1. I just loved this week’s news regarding the many diversified individual artist’s and their beautiful, most expressive works. Thank you😁😊💛

  2. The ‘Quince and Oriole’ painting is very nice.

    However the cats should be kept indoors and not allowed to roam the neighborhood killing song birds
    Thank you

  3. I whole heartily agree with Neil. Outdoor cats are wrecking havoc on bird populations. I have two beautiful cats that I adore and to protect them and the birds, they are strictly indoor kitties. I volunteer at a wildlife center and know all too well the damage outdoor cats can do to song birds. Very sad indeed.
    Lovely painting though.


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