Narrative paintings
Warren Chang, "In the Artist's Studio," 40 x 60 oil on canvas, 2012

Art Ventures Gallery will host an exhibit of Warren Chang‘s interior paintings throughout the past 20 years. Essentially a 20-year retrospective, the exhibit focuses on Chang’s figure in interior works, which are largely biographical in nature.

The Details:
Warren Chang: An Artist’s Life Behind the Easel
Art Ventures Gallery, Menlo Park, California
Through January 31, 2021
Gallery open daily and by appointment
Meet the Artist: December 5 (private tour and book signing)

Narrative paintings
Warren Chang, “The Discussion,” 30 x 24, 2009

Influenced by 17th century Masters such as Vermeer and Velasquez, these intimate interiors are an inward look at the artists life within his studio and classroom environments, which includes his relationship with his family, friends, models and art students. Through viewing these paintings, we become witness to the artist’s life and work through the passage of time.

Narrative paintings
Warren Chang, “Artist in Her Studio,” 24 x 30 oil on canvas, 2004
Figurative art paintings
Warren Chang, “The Break,” 36 x 24 oil on canvas, 2003
Narrative paintings
Warren Chang, “Gill Gallery Interior,” 28″ x 57″ oil on canvas, 2015

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  1. fascinating, Norman Rockwell through a worm hole feed back loop of a painting of a painting of a painting of a painting of …..a conversation of a conversation


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