Oil painting of a creek
Tom Nicholas, "Late October Vermont," Oil, 20 x 18 in.

Adopting nature as his bountiful muse to the point of romantic personification, Tom Nicholas has created a body of work spanning decades. His paintings reveal his intimate and personal interaction with the beauty and lush diversity of the world around him.

His works are on view April 3 – 24, 2021 at The Guild of Boston Artists in the spotlight exhibition ” The Art of Tom Nicholas, N.A.”

Watercolor painting of a beach
Tom Nicholas, “Evening Tide,” Watercolor, 12 x 18.5 in.

More from the Guild:

Reflecting on his personal philosophy toward landscape painting, the artist explains, “I am a firm believer in working from nature and working to understand her many moods.”

Nicholas describes painting as a “healthy struggle” made up of a variety of stages involving many preparatory sketches and studies. When observing a scene to depict, Nicholas will often choose to manipulate and tweak details to create a more personalized and individual piece, allowing his unique perspective to speak through his precise use of color and texture. He believes that it is this personal interpretation that develops one’s art style. This belief is the anchor to Nicholas’s creative vision, of which he says, “Nature, interpreted with additions and omissions by the artist, tells us as much about the painter as it does about the natural world.”

Oil painting of Rome
Tom Nicholas, “Rome, Italy,” Oil, 24 x 36 in.
Oil painting of snowy hillside
Tom Nicholas, “Snowed In,” Oil, 30 x 40 in.
Oil painting of trees in sunlight
Tom Nicholas, “Aspen Glow,” Oil, 16 x 20 in.

“The Art of Tom Nicholas, N.A.” will feature 22 landscapes by Nicholas and include watercolors, oil paintings, and drawings from the artist’s travels within the New England region and abroad. The assembled works reflect the artist’s creative drive and unceasing devotion to the natural world around him. For more details, please visit www.guildofbostonartists.org.

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