Oil painting of a great blue heron flying in the night sky in front of the moon

Once in a Blue Heron Moon
30 x 30 in.
Oil on Belgian Oil Primed Linen
Available through the artist

The word “Dreamscape” can suggest many different things. As it turns out, this painting – “Once in A Blue Heron Moon” was delivered to Artist Christine Drewyer through a dream. A favorite quote of the artist’s by Vincent Van Gogh is, “I dream of painting and then I paint my dreams.” She sure was not expecting to have an entire concept come through in a dream, much less remember it well enough to translate it into a painting! However, this is precisely how it began.

Particularly known as a landscape artist, Christine certainly does like to venture into other subject matter, but this one was quite out of the realm of usual for her. The dream for the concept came through in the 1st week in October of 2020 (yes that dreadful year!) a short three weeks before the Super Blue Full Moon at the end of the month. The piece was completed on the day after the Full Super Blue Moon. It felt amazing to stand under that exquisitely brilliant Super Moon and know just how much it had been the inspiration for the piece.

The rare Blue Moon has several meanings of origin. It can refer to the 2nd full moon in one calendar month, which is relatively uncommon but the phrase, Once in a Blue Moon has also been used when the Moon appears to be blue in actual color because of atmospheric conditions which are exceptionally rare as well. The artist dreamt that the Heron was flying directly in front of this celestial orb and later added the stars to the composition. “I wanted some recognizable constellations like the Pleiades, The Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt to be there but the rest of the rest is completely invented,” says Christine. It is pretty amazing to create your own Universe!

Christine practices Native American Animal Medicine. Blue Heron medicine is for “Self-Reflection”. It seemed so apropos that in this unique time, where it seems the whole world is in a collective time out that this was the medicine selected. Heron medicine is the power of knowing the self by discovering its gifts and facing its challenges. It is the ability to accept all feelings and opinions without denying any emotion or thought. Heron flies over those who can be unaware of who they are and where they belong in the world. Heron asks that they follow their intuition and begin the empowering journey to self-realization.

“Once in a Blue Heron Moon” has been accepted into the American Women Artists “Lifting the Sky” a National Online Juried Exhibition / May 20, 2021 – August 21, 2021

Christine is a Member of these Fine Art Organizations:
American Women Artists – President / Signature member
Women Artists of the West – Master, Signature, Emeritus member / Advisor to the Board
National Oil & Acrylics Painters Society – Signature member
Washington Society of Landscape Painters – Publicity Chair

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