Lori Putnam, winning the Plein Air Salon

The 10th Annual Plein Air Salon awards ceremony took place live on Facebook during the 2nd Annual Plein Air Live, where Eric Rhoads and Kelly Kane announced the top winners, including our Grand Prize winner, Lori Putnam.

“A huge congratulations to all of the category winners from the past year,” Lori said. “It is truly unbelievable to be part of such an amazing group of artists. I respect all of you so very much.”

This year’s winners were:

  • People Choice award ($500): Lori Putnam
  • $500 Honorable Mention ($500): Nikita Budkov
  • $500 Honorable Mention ($500): Jennifer Diehl
  • $500 Honorable Mention ($500): Christine Lashley
  • Third Place Winner ($1,500): Jennifer McChristian
  • Second Place Winner ($3,000): Joe Paquet
  • First Place Winner ($15,000 and the cover of Plein Air Magazine): Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam, winning the Plein Air SalonHere’s more of what Lori had to say about winning the 10th Annual Plein Air Salon:

Imagine the surprise when someone knocks on your door at 9PM on a Saturday night, and this is what you see… a big cardboard check!

Mark and I had just finished dinner when I remembered I needed to log on to a special link for the online awards ceremony with Plein air Magazine’s, Eric Rhoads. Never thinking I might have to actually look nice, I had on sweat pants and a t-shirt (eek). When I logged on, I could see the faces of the other finalists. They were so professionally dressed and prepared looking, while. I was just hoping there wasn’t spinach in my teeth. Just goes to show how little expectation I had in actually winning anything!

Honestly, if it wasn’t for this big cardboard check sitting here, and all of the well-wishers on social media, I still would not believe this. It is with the greatest excitement and deepest gratitude that I share with you that these paintings took prizes this past Saturday evening:

Lori Putnam - Safe Harbor - Plein Air Salon
“Safe Harbor,” First Place, $15,000 cash plus the cover of Plein air Magazine. (Collection Ms Barbara A. Levine)
“Safe Harbor” was awarded first place overall in the October 2020 Plein Air Salon by Karen Hewitt, owner of Hagan Fine Art in Charleston.
Lori Putnam - Headin Home - Plein Air Salon
“Headin’ Home,” People’s Choice, $500 cash award. (Available, Frame of Reference Gallery, Whitefish, MT)
“Headin’ Home” was awarded first place overall in November by Cynthia McBride, owner of McBride Gallery in Annapolis.

During the ceremony, the finalists were not able to see which of their paintings took prizes. Kelly Kane, Editor of Plein air Magazine, had described the Grand Prize winner, “Safe Harbor.” But it was not until the following day when I saw someone else’s Instagram post that People’s Choice had gone to “Headin’ Home”!

The most important thing for you to know, is that it is your support as artists, friends, collectors, and followers that really make this so special. You are a part of my family. This would be meaningless without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Obviously, I also want to thank the great folks at Plein Air Magazine, all of the judges, and my wonderful husband who sees me go day after day doubting myself but still believes in me anyway. ~Lori Putnam

To view the other top prize winners, watch the full-length Plein Air Salon awards ceremony here.

The Plein Air Salon is currently accepting entries for the next round – enter your best work at PleinAirSalon.com.


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