"Man with Violin" by David Tanner

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Late in 2019, my gallery notified me that my painting “Man With Violin” had been purchased. I followed up with a thank-you note introducing myself to the collector, and eventually began an email conversation. This was followed by phone calls, and then the first of many visits to my studio (masked, of course, as this was the beginning of Covid-19 restrictions).

As we became better acquainted, he began taking a more direct interest in my work, exploring my website and avidly reading my blogs on the process behind the paintings. This sparked a greater desire to collect, and so the journey began. As of May 2021, there are now 60 of my paintings in his collection.

Art collectionsArt collectionsArt collectionsFigurative narrative paintingsArt collectionsI recently visited his beautiful home and photographed the paintings in situ. He’s graciously allowed me to share them with you, and his thoughts on collecting.

From the art collector:

“Loving painting as much as I did, I wanted to learn more about David and his artwork. His website is an education in itself. You get to see his progressions from the start, beginning with the sketches, to the finished product of many of his paintings. I found this fascinating and truly couldn’t get enough.”

“Why do I love David Tanner’s paintings? I love David’s artwork because he brings life to each of his paintings through his colors and the fine details in each piece he creates. He transforms his models into living, breathing individuals on canvas, whose music we can hear being played, whose pain we feel, whose baking we can’t wait to consume, whose wet shoes we can’t wait to remove after walking the streets of New York in a rainstorm. David’s artwork brings out emotions in me that I rarely allow to surface. I am so happy to have found this release as it makes me a more appreciative individual of everything around me.”

Read more about David Tanner’s art and collector at https://www.davidtannerfineart.com/blog/168941/collector-spotlight.

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