Oil painting of a ship at sunset
Ray Crane, "Boston Light Sunset," oil, 18x26"

The Copley Society of Art has announced its National Marine Art Exhibition, featuring works from artists across the United States. Coastal New England is the inspiration for “Connected Land and Sea,” recognizing the Copley Society of Art’s legacy in the region and reflecting the important intersections between the land and the sea.

From the organizers:

The Copley Society is honored to welcome the nationally-recognized artist Donald Demers to jury this exhibition and to award several artists for their outstanding thematic creations. The Alden Bryant Award and the Gazzola Family Award are among the several distinguished cash prizes to be presented.

The exhibition runs through August 22, 2021 in the Upper Gallery, located at 158 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.

Joe Norris, "Magic Island at Midnight," charcoal on paper, 16x20"
Joe Norris, “Magic Island at Midnight,” charcoal on paper, 16×20″
Ginny Zanger, CA, "Dunes of Memory," watercolor, 30x30"
Ginny Zanger, CA, “Dunes of Memory,” watercolor, 30×30″
Sam Vokey, CM, "Shadows and Light, Sun and Moon," oil on linen, 24x30"
Sam Vokey, CM, “Shadows and Light, Sun and Moon,” oil on linen, 24×30″
Deborah Quinn-Munson, "Late Day Light," oil, 20x38"
Deborah Quinn-Munson, “Late Day Light,” oil, 20×38″
Serena Bates, "Leviathan," hydrostone, 10x8x18"
Serena Bates, “Leviathan,” hydrostone, 10x8x18″

Selected Artists:

Daniel Ambrose – Serena Bates – John Caggiano – Kathleen Caswell – Sally Ladd Cole – Dan Cook, CA – Ray Crane – Cindy Crimmin, CA – Jeff Drake – Austin Dwyer – Mike Eagle – Christina Eckerson – Bill Farnsworth – Christopher Forrest – Paul Garnett – Robin Herr, CA – Laureen Hylka – Tom Kallechey – Anna Kasabian – Charlie Longtine – Maria Luongo, CM – Susan Lynn – Joe Norris – Ed Parker – Heather Patterson – Deborah Quinn-Munson – Katherine Richmond – Janine Robertson, CA – Jeanne Rosier-Smith, CM – Marie Sapienza – Tony Schwartz, CA – Sam Vokey, CM – Ginny Zanger, CA

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