JEFF BYE (b. 1971),
JEFF BYE (b. 1971), "Entrance," 2021, oil on canvas, 22 x 22 in.

Exhibition of Works by Jeff Bye
Edgewater Gallery
Middlebury, Vermont
October 1–31, 2021

Edgewater Gallery is exhibiting the latest paintings created by the Brooklyn-based artist Jeff Bye. He has long been fascinated by abandoned buildings, especially their interiors, and particularly theaters.

There is something exciting, he feels, about entering a structure that has been boarded up for decades, breathing the often-stifling air — somewhat reminiscent of a mausoleum — to discover its faded opulence and how it once fulfilled its intended functions.

Beyond the forgotten histories of these places, Bye is intrigued by the varied patinas of their surfaces, by their quiet — sometimes eerie — stillness, and especially by how changes in lighting throughout the day affect the way he sees them and feels their moods.

There is certainly a melancholy within his images of what once was, but is no longer, but also a positive challenge in trying to capture them, if only in paint, before they disappear forever.

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