Male sculptor sitting next to a life size sculpture of a man in a suit
Artist, Gary Alsum with “Colorado Governor, Ralph Carr,” commission for Carr Judicial Center, Denver, Colorado. Bronze, 54” tall, 2012

What is the most interesting thing you have sculpted and why?

Most of my work in the past couple of decades has been in collaboration with individual collectors or municipal entities along with the National Sculptors’ Guild (NSG). Most of those works honor people from our past but some are intended to preserve favorite memories or activities. My favorite subjects are the figure in motion, but capturing likenesses is just as satisfying. All the commissions I am awarded are a special honor. I take the responsibility seriously with the goal of giving clients more than they expect.

Working with the NSG allows me to do what I do best — create meaningful sculpture — while they handle the logistics of scheduling, engineering, transportation, landscaping that enhances the sculpture, installation etc. Not all my sculptures are large enough to require trucks and cranes and such, but when they do, the NSG is an invaluable asset.

How do you describe success?

I feel most successful when a client is moved to tears when they first see a finished sculpture. But occasionally I create more humorous depictions – dogs driving classic cars with reckless abandon. (How else would dogs drive?) Success then is when viewers burst out in laughter. It makes for a fun mix.

To see more of Gary’s work, visit:

Large sculpture of a woman and children
Gary Alsum, “Mother Cabrini,” commission for Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Lafayette, Colorado. Bronze, 96” tall, 2020
Bronze sculpture of a person skiing
Gary Alsum, “Extreme,” private commission for collector’s retreat. Bronze, 30” tall fitted to specially selected boulder, 2009


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