Oil painting of empty bottles on a shelf

By Erin Berrett
20 x 30 in.

Painter Erin Berrett, is inspired by the term “still life.” She states, “There’s a fundamental tension between the still and the life, isn’t there.” That is exactly what her work captures when she paints. Her objects are never completely motionless, or emotionless for that matter. They tremble. They vibrate. Those vibrations are produced not only by the construction of the object, but by the external forces exerted upon it — the angle of the light, for instance, and the perspective of the viewer.

Erin says, “I push myself to be abstract in the details while still achieving the perception of reality. When I paint, I never blend. Instead, I layer thousands of marks side-by-side, swaths of color that are then translated by the observer. Two inches of canvas viewed from a few inches away might have a hundred brush strokes that seem to form nothing, but when the piece is considered as a whole, the effect is highly representational. I love working as an artist, though I often wonder how much choice I had in the matter. I’ve always painted, from dabbling with watercolors and pastels as a child in Salt Lake City to studying abroad and earning my BFA at the University of Utah.”

Erin resides in Salt Lake City, UT. Discover more of her work on the Celebration of Fine Art Marketplace. Contact us at 480-443-7695 or [email protected]

View more of Erin’s work at https://celebrateart.com/store/erin-w-berrett/


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