Kevin Macpherson art pochades

“I am sensitive to color relationships and the melting of shapes into a poetic unity,” said OPA Master Artist Kevin Macpherson. “The fluid and sculptural qualities of oil paint and my soft focused impressionistic style combine to create the style the results I seek. If the spots of color are accurate, it will ring more true than slavishly rendered details.”

Hagan Fine Art (Charleston, SC) will be hosting a noteworthy exhibition of original artwork from Macpherson for the month of April.

Kevin Macpherson's pochade box for "Charleston Street" (6 x 8 in.)
Kevin Macpherson’s pochade box for “Charleston Street” (6 x 8 in.)

From the gallery:

Says Karen Hewitt Hagan, owner of Hagan Fine Art, “This is a very special and unique show for us to host. It will be his first show with us made up entirely of his wonderful custom-made pochade boxes.” (A pochade box is what ‘plein air’ artists use to hold the palette while painting outside.)

“Each pochade features the 6×8 original plein air painting with its palette of paints that were used in the creation of the work. These unique collector’s items are one-of-a-kind originals with a slice of history tied to the origin of the painting itself.”

Collectors are invited to make a private appointment to meet Kevin at Hagan Fine Art Showroom in the afternoon of Friday, April 1st. These 30-minute appointments can be booked online now at or by calling 843-901-8124.

Kevin Macpherson's pochade box for "Fashionista" (6 x 8 in.)
Kevin Macpherson’s pochade box for “Fashionista” (6 x 8 in.)

“These appointments are limited, so make plans now to enjoy a prosecco and mimosas, meet Kevin, and find your special pochade painting to add to your collection. Like his works, he is an inspiration.”

“Colorful Conversations” will feature over ten original oil paintings presented in a custom-made, handcrafted Kevin Macpherson Signature Series Pochade box.


Attention Artists > “The Magic Grid – Landscapes” is a new series of videos from Kevin Macpherson. This video is going to immerse you in Kevin’s Magic Grid system so your painting life can become easier and more fun. With over 40 years of painting experience and as the author of four art books and several art instruction videos, Kevin is here to guide you through his painting process and take your art to the next level. [learn more from Kevin Macpherson here]

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