paintings of 2020
David Casterson, "Checking in," oil on panel, 12" x 10" Texting family? Waiting for Uber? Breathing filtered air in the middle of a metropolis. 2020 brought new levels of connection and isolation.

California Art Club artists reflect upon how the world was abruptly upended by the global COVID-19 lockdowns with the upcoming exhibition “2020 Hindsight,” on view through May 1 at Bird Dog Arts in Tejon Ranch, California.

The display spotlights shared experiences and personal silver linings as the 27 exhibiting artists reveal with their works the challenges faced and unexpected lessons learned as they adapted to a “new normal” for daily life.

paintings of social distancing
Nina Warner, “Social Distance,” Oil on panel, 12″ x 9″
People became fearful, isolated and alone. As social beings, this is not our usual behavior and the effect has been felt deeply. This was our first foray out to shop after a month of lockdown. There were big X’s made with red duct tape on the sidewalk and everyone patiently waited on their spot until you could move up.

“The California Art Club is thrilled to collaborate with Bird Dog Arts for the first time to present more than 30 thought-provoking paintings in ‘2020 Hindsight,’ allowing us to contemplate the many ways our lives have been altered – and even surprisingly enhanced – as we mark the two-year anniversary of the global lockdowns,” said Eire Hoke, Manager of Exhibitions for the historic art organization.

paintings of 2020
Lawrence McAdams, “All Masked Up,” oil on panel, 12″ x 9″
Follow the science, not the politicians. Following the science is hard and is always changing and sometimes you may not like what you end up seeing.

The collective works include panoramic vistas of unpeopled places, portraits of front-line heroes, still lifes of personal protective equipment, and images of other ubiquitous reminders of how individuals learned to cope and stay safe as the deadly virus circulated around the globe.

paintings of 2020
Kun Wang, “Breathe Freely,” oil on canvas, 12″ x 16″
During Covid-19 healthcare workers made a great contribution to the society. They risked their own lives to save the lives of others. We should remember and appreciate their hard work to protect us. Now the hard times are nearly over, and we hope our children can breathe freely and play freely again.

All the participating artists are members of the California Art Club and include Peter Adams, Rebecca Arguello, Ned Axthelm, Michael Bartlett, Nikita Budkov, Maura Carta, David Casterson, Warren Chang, Lynn Christopher, Bets Cole, Nancy Seamons Crookston, Michael Hill, Jeff Horn, Chuck Kovacic, Lawrence McAdams, Patricia McGeeney, Jim McVicker, David Michaels, Lisa Mozzini-McDill, Michael Obermeyer, Daniel Raminfard, Thomas Schaller, Alexey Steele, Kun Wang, Nina Warner, Durre Waseem, and Mason Williams.

The works are available for acquisition and a portion of the proceeds benefit the California Art Club’s educational programs. The exhibition may be viewed online at


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