More Meaning, More Emotion


“Painting the Figure Now,” an annual exhibition presented by PoetsArtists International

Where: Wausau Museum Of Contemporary Art, Wausau, Wisconsin

Through October 1, 2022

contemporary realism figure painting
“Reverie” by Erica Calardo
"The Reckoning" by Gilsdorf Grant
“The Reckoning” by Gilsdorf Grant
"Shine" by Heather Brunetti
“Shine” by Heather Brunetti
contemporary realism figure painting
“Play Time Getting Undressed” by Annie Louise Goldman
"Hammam" by Maryam Gohar
“Hammam” by Maryam Gohar

“Beyond the focus on the figurative element, the works in ‘Painting the Figure Now’ embrace a subtle narrative or symbolic subtext that imbues them with a presence that is more meaningful, and more immediately emotional.” ~ Dr. Samuel Peralta, curator

Find more information about “Painting the Figure Now 2022” here.

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