artist smiling with her painting hanging
Robin in her studio/gallery space in Austin, Texas

How do you describe success?
Robin Cheers: Success comes in many forms. Sometimes just being able to tackle a tough subject and love my painting is a huge win! But more than anything, I feel that I’ve been successful when I touch someone with my art. Whether it’s helping a student resolve a difficult passage and I see the light in their eyes and their smile when it clicks, or when a patron tells me how much a painting means to them, how it reminded them of a special moment in their lives. When I communicate and capture something that inspires people in this crazy, hectic world, then I feel the most success.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
Robin Cheers: I’ve been blessed to work my art career into my family life. Sometimes painting takes a backseat while I am needed by family. Sometimes it is all consuming. I’ve learned over the decades that my passion isn’t something that I will lose. It’s a comfort when I can create in difficult times, it’s a joy when I can immerse myself completely. My paintings have always evolved from my family life – ideas come from trips, hobbies with my child, my own childhood memories, and imagery close to home. My works are all about connection, the everyday scenes that we may overlook but are the moments that make up a lifetime.

To see more of Robin’s work, visit:

oil painting of street corner with people walking in street, and red building on left side
Robin Cheers, “Crossing Chinatown”, oil on panel, 14 x 11 in., 2022, Available during American Impressionist Society National Juried Show starting Sept. 15, 2022
oil painting of looking at boardwalk from a distance on a sunny day
Robin Cheers, “Under the Boardwalk”, oil on panel, 14 x 18 in., 2021


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