Endymion’s Dream – The Mystery of Beauty


Wayne Art Center (Pennsylvania) is presenting an exhibition of recent figurative art pieces by artist Paul DuSold, on view through November 12, 2022.

Figurative art by Paul DuSold
Figurative art by Paul DuSold

From the organizers:

Set in the grandeur of the art center’s Davenport Gallery, “Endymion’s Dream – The Mystery of Beauty” will include more than fifteen life-size paintings created by DuSold as an expression of an artist’s relationship to the inspiration of beauty. The theme of this work is connected to the mythological figure of Endymion [pronounced: en-DIM-ee-uhn], a shepherd, and his love for Diana, the goddess of the moon. About this series DuSold shares “It is the theme of our human need to transcend separateness through artistic expression of love and the eternal mystery of beauty.”

The human figure plays a vital role in the work found in this exhibition. The artist states that he develops each painting starting with the visual relationship of the figure in its pose with respect to the placement of other figures and within the overall composition of the painting paired with a painter’s respect for light, color, shape, and value.

DuSold’s appreciation for the history of the nude figure in Western Art is undeniable. About these works, he considers the figure to be a metaphor within the paintings whereas the female figure represents the majesty of natural beauty and the male figure represents the artist’s creative experience and the search for expression through art.

Figurative art by Paul DuSold
Figurative art by Paul DuSold

An interview with the artist that touches on the challenges of developing figures within the landscape, the progression of this series, and the metaphor within these works can be found online with Main Line Television and on the art center’s website. Visit: Endymion’s Dream The Mystery of Beauty by Paul DuSold, Philadelphia Artist on Vimeo.

Visit the Wayne Art Center’s website at wayneart.org.

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