artist posing with her painting
Brenda at easel, "glowing" after completing my first large urbanscape

How did you get started and then develop your career?
Brenda Boylan: I can remember as long as I was conscious of my surroundings, I always made things with my hands. I knew I was and wanted to be a career artist…but where to start? I was accepted to Cal Poly State and earned a BS in Applied Art and Design. I worked in the Sports apparel industry, yet it was an unfulfilling career path. The need to develop my creativity was partially filled by oil painting courses in the evenings. I soon discovered pastels, then plein-air painting, and began to meet so many other artists “in the field.”

How do you find inspiration?
Brenda Boylan: Plein-air painting is wonderful, exciting, challenging, and adventurous. I thrive on the camaraderie of those whose lives are centered upon artmaking. I also create in my private studio to focus on large urbanscape and landscape pieces. I find inspiration whenever I am, indoors or out, but the criteria is the same: “How is the light affecting the subject?” I could be riding along in the rain and find an incredible spark of color and glow that begs to be painted. Viola’!

To see more of Brenda’s work, visit:


oil painting of sun shining through a city street, filled with cars
Brenda Boylan, “Five Fifteen,” pastel on sanded paper, 24 x 24 in
Oil painting of a stream surrounded by trees
Brenda Boylan, “A Secret Place,” oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, 48 x 60 in


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