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Dear Fellow Travelers,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the season wherever you are.

Fortunately, our plans for autumn are well underway, so today I am writing to update you on Fine Art Connoisseur’s next Fine Art Trip. This October we will explore two extraordinary art capitals — Stockholm (Sweden) and Madrid (Spain). It’s a fun and rewarding combination because both cities are filled with world-class art and are easy to navigate, with lots of historical architecture and delicious food to savor along the way.

Fine Art Connoisseur’s
2023 Fine Art Trip: Stockholm and Madrid
October 20-29

I want to assure those of you who have seen Stockholm and Madrid with us before (in 2010 and 2014, respectively) that SO much has changed since then. We are particularly excited that the Prado has finally opened its incredible new wing in the historic Hall of Realms, and in Stockholm the National Museum has undergone a massive renovation.

I was just researching a few other sites we will visit and am getting very excited about two in particular. In Stockholm, the Thielska Galleriet (The Thiel Gallery) is a handsome villa on a heavily wooded island (Royal Djurgården) near the center of Stockholm. Inside the mansion are wonderful paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by a range of talented Scandinavian artists, all acquired by the industrialist Ernest Thiel in the years around 1900. Some of the artists represented are internationally famous today (like Edvard Munch), but many are known only in Sweden — and they really are worth discovering!

In Madrid, I am always excited to visit the Museo Sorolla (Portada – Museo Sorolla | Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte), the gorgeous studio-house created by the master painter Joaquín Sorolla (1863–1923) for his family and thriving artistic practice. The sprawling home is filled with outstanding examples of his luminous art, and also with intriguing antiques and props the Sorollas collected during their wide-ranging travels, especially around Spain.

While paging through my files from past Fine Art Trips, I was reminded of how many unique adventures our travelers have enjoyed over the years — from private viewings of the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica San Marco to intimate conversations with Alphonse Mucha’s daughter-in-law in her Prague home and the Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza at her museum in Málaga. Discovering art with kindred spirits like you has always been a joy, and now I am looking forward to more memorable experiences in Sweden and Spain!

All good wishes, and please feel free to send me a note about particular artworks and sites you would like to see. It’s not too late to tweak our itinerary a bit!

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