Realism art - Detail of
Detail of "Four Muses" by Duffy Sheridan

Gallery 1261 is presenting a special showcase of contemporary artworks that explores the realm of high-definition realism. Curated by Anthony Waichulis, this new exhibition aims a spotlight on works some may often describe as “tight.”

Realism Art on View: “Tight”
October 21 – November 4, 2023
Gallery 1261
Denver, Colorado

Contemporary realism portrait painting - "Small Shadow" by Serge Marshennikov
“Small Shadow” by Serge Marshennikov

From the gallery:

Representational painters have long had their efforts categorized along a spectrum of definition or abstraction. On one end of that spectrum, dubbed loose, we tend to find artwork with wonderfully bold abstractions and incredibly masterful brevity. In contrast, the other end, dubbed tight, is populated with impressive realizations of great complexity and meticulous precision. Virtuosity can be found equally across the entirety of this spectrum; in the artists who can abstract a subject down to ten brushstrokes, the artists who choose to manifest that same subject with a thousand, and the countless artists chasing their own blend of definition and abstraction in between.

Realistic figurative narrative art - Detail of "King of the Sea" by Stanley Rayfield
Detail of “King of the Sea” by Stanley Rayfield

“Tight” celebrates those who continue to redefine the landscape on the high-definition end of this spectrum of representation. The artists selected for this special showcase continue to awe and inspire with their endeavors, achieving levels of resolution and depth that elicit experiences of wonder and fascination for any viewer. Demonstrable virtuosity, compelling subject matter, and mind-blowing levels of resolution are sure to be present in many combinations—so do not miss this amazing collection of work.

Narrative art - "Getty Museum" by Alexander Chistov
“Getty Museum” by Alexander Chistov

Participating Artists in “Tight”

Julie Beck, Gregory Block, Alexander Chistov, Dan Christian, Francisco Collado, Helen Crispino, Tony Curanaj, Rodney O’Dell Davis, Natalie Featherston, Scott Fraser, Russell Harris, Sergei Marshennikov, Kevin A. Moore, Renato Muccillo, Stanley Rayfield, Megan Read, Duffy Sheridan, Joseph Todorovitch, Ruddy Taveras, Jason Walker, Anthony Waichulis, and Anna Wypych

Contemporary realism artists - Detail of "Thinker" by Anna Wypych
Detail of “Thinker” by Anna Wypych

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