Antwan Ramar (b. 1989),
Antwan Ramar (b. 1989), "The Lake Is Calling," 2024, oil on canvas, 48 x 30 in.

In 1851 Wisconsin adopted its official state motto, the simple yet powerfully positive word “Forward.” Since opening eight years ago, Milwaukee’s Lily Pad Gallery | West has itself moved forward by advocating for the locally, nationally, and internationally known artists it exhibits, though always with a proud emphasis on the locals.

This summer the gallery is presenting its third annual group exhibition of Wisconsin artists. Among the talents participating are Marc Anderson, Steve Gerhartz, Robert M. Girsh, Michael Guinane, Bruce Niemi, Antwan Ramar, Ken Schneider, John Waite, and Diane Washa. The gallery community is also pleased to welcome local legend Shelby Keefe, and mourns the recent passing of artist Allison B. Cooke, who is survived by her husband, Robert M. Girsh.

Forward: A Wisconsin Artist Exhibition
Lily Pad Gallery | West Milwaukee
July 5–August 31, 2024
An array of special events will be held at the gallery July 18–20.


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