PleinAir Salon Contemporary oil paintings - John Whytock -

Oil Painting Spotlight: “Alley Kitty” by John Whytock

"I couldn’t resist the challenge of attempting to render the amber of the street lamps reflecting off the red brick..." John Whytock takes us behind the scenes of his recent PleinAir Salon winner, "Alley Kitty."
“Burning Mist,” 30 x 36 in., oil on canvas, (c) Sergio Roffo 2020

Achieve Sanity Through Art

Many view making art as a meditative practice that calms the nerves, provides clarity, and is fulfilling. For painter Sergio Roffo, that feeling of serene sanity is often achieved with brush in hand and beauty in mind.
Contemporary Realism - David Bowers -

Narrative Art > A Life of Their Own

Learning more about the creative process of this painter, one could get the sense he’s simply a conduit of pure inspiration. Focusing on technique, his pictures frequently result in beautiful works with unconventional narratives.
Narrative Art -

Investigate these Narrative Mysteries

Using Renaissance and Baroque traditions as a catalyst for her dramatic narratives, this Asheville, North Carolina painter invites you into her creative world — one filled with dichotomy, costume, mystery, and more.
Contemporary realism -

Contemporary Realism: East of the Sun

There is a lot of superb contemporary realism being made these days; here we shine light on Nikita Budkov.
Realism portrait paintings

An Artistic Odyssey

From the West Coast to the East Coast and back, accomplished artist John Rowe has done just about everything to establish a successful career.
Oil seascape paintings -

Continuing Memories and Traditions

Landscape painter Mary Derrick is an outstanding example to show it’s never too late to begin one’s love affair with art. More importantly, however, was the moment it happened, which has kept memories fresh of the person who led her to it.
PleinAir Salon - Lyubena Fox -

Symbols in Art: The Traveler’s Desk

The symbols in this contemporary still life depict man’s yearning for knowledge. See how, with these insights from the artist.

Wonderful Watercolor

Fine Art Today traveled to rural eastern North Carolina for a chat with accomplished watercolorist Pat Holscher, whose pictures of seagulls, pelicans, and more feel right at home next to the Pamlico River.
Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard

6 Representational Paintings by Chula Beauregard

Painter and former Peace Corps volunteer Chula Beauregard shares six of her paintings and her inspiration for each.

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