Female artist standing in front of a life-sized painting of a woman

Artist Spotlight: Nanette Fluhr

Nanette Fluhr has always been drawn to people and human emotions, so painting portraits was a natural choice for her.
Male artist standing in his studio in front of his work on an easel

Artist Spotlight: Philippe Gandiol

Philippe Gandiol’s grandfather was a businessman and an artist/bohemian in his own fashion. His strong influence planted the seed — Philippe wanted to become an artist.

Contemporary Master: Dan Thompson

View anatomical drawings by master artist Dan Thompson, and learn how you can see a live demonstration by him at the largest online event for realism artists.
Pastel painting of a reclining bear with a magpie on its paw, painted on a state and national park map

Artist Spotlight: Lisa Gleim

“In terms of business success, I stick with the basics. I work diligently toward long and short-term goals regarding quality, consistent production, and having well-respected, active gallery representation.”
Fine art collection - JEFFERY R. PUGH (b. 1977), "Billowing Clouds," 2010, oil on canvas panel, 24 x 36 in.

An Art Collection with a Life of Its Own

“We enjoy curating ‘gallery walls’ in our home, though — as for so many collectors — there is not nearly enough space.”
Realism art - Sharon Sprung, "Resting, but Complicated," oil on panel, 35 x 36 in.

The Need to Drift

Sharon Sprung recently delivered a new oil painting titled "Resting, But Complicated" to a New York gallery. Find out where and learn her inspirations behind this new piece.
Female artist standing next to her painting on an easel.

Artist Spotlight: Kim VanDerHoek

Kim DerHoek has an approach to painting that keeps her work looking fresh while preventing her from becoming bored and too set in her ways.
Inspiring art studios - Garin Baker

Inspiring Art Studios: A Tour with Garin Baker

Photo Essay: Garin Baker’s space is unique in that he and his wife, Clara, have been restoring their 4500 square-foot property by converting the attached carriage house into the perfect artist haven.
Landscape oil paintings - Walt Gonske

Artist Walt Gonske Looks Back

"My best work comes when I’m able to give up control ... Then the painting takes on a life of its own.”
Creating Art - John Wentz, Untitled, 13 x 17 inches, Oil on canvas

How Creating Art is More Than “Process”

"How do they do that?" Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into how the process of creating art, including the "unfinished" pieces, becomes the finished work.

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