Time and again birds have found themselves the subjects of artists’ work in all types of mediums and styles. Since 1976, one museum has annually exhibited a juried collection of nearly 100 works with our feathered friends as the focus. Who’s featured in this year’s show?
On view beginning September 12 is the 40th annual “Birds in Art” exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. The show, which features artworks by 123 of the world’s most talented artists, has earned international recognition over its tenure. Among the artists juried into the show, 21 have been named “master wildlife artists” in earlier exhibitions; they include Owen J. Gromme (1976), Peter Scott (1980), Maynard Reece (1989), Richard Sloan (1994), John T. Sharp (1996), Nancy Howe (2005), Terry Miller (2013), Anne Senechal Faust (1999), and Andrea Rich (2013).

Chris Bacon, “A New Day,” 2015, watercolor, (c) Woodson Art Museum 2015

Ray Brown, “Huginn and Muninn,” 2015, charcoal, (c) Woodson Art Museum 2015

Terry Miller, “The Visitation,” 2015, graphite, (c) Woodson Art Museum 2015

Jurors Danny Bills, Virginia Eichhorn, and Terry Pitts scoured through submissions from more than 607 artists from across the world. Via the museum’s announcement: “This year’s edition includes 12 Wisconsin artists, 28 international artists, and 11 first-time ‘Birds in Art’ artists. The Wisconsin artists are Clarence P. Cameron, Gary Eigenberger, Janet D. Flynn, Cary Hunkel, David Kapszukiewicz, Jeffrey T. Larson, S.V. Medaris, John S. Miller, Don Rambadt, Gene Reineking, Jan McAllaster Stommes, and Todd Wohlt.”

James Offeman, “Tricolored Heron,” 2015, pastel, (c) Woodson Art Museum 2015

Don Rambadt, “Wings When You Fall,” 2014, welded bronze, (c) Woodson Art Museum 2015

“Birds in Art” opens on September 12 and will be on view through November 29.
To learn more, visit the Woodson Art Museum.
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