How are you welcoming the spring season? Whether it be chirping birds, lush sunlit gardens, blooming wildflower landscapes, or fluffy white clouds, all things spring are showcased at Edgewood Orchard Galleries via a series of current and upcoming group exhibitions. Who’s included?
“Welcome Spring” says Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Featuring an outstanding lineup of artists, including Julie Ibar, Stephen Gartner, Danielle Blade, Michael Michaud, and George Shipperley, the gallery is hosting three group exhibitions that began on May 7 and will run through July 13.

Kristine Martineau Gellerman, “Water Lily,” oil, (c) Edgewood Orchard Galleries 2016

On the slate for May, “Welcome Spring” kicks off the gallery’s season by showcasing new work from its talented roster of artists. Among the highlights of the opening exhibition is Kristine Martineau Gellerman’s “Water Lily.” In a gorgeous still life composition, the viewer is presented with the isolated but pristine image of a water lily resting in a glass globe. Gellerman has given each detail of the picture amazing attention. The viewer can even construct the interior space from the subtle reflections in the vase. Also worthy of mention is Elizabeth Pollie’s “Life’s a Boer.” The beautiful work displays a rather entitled-looking goat peering out upon the viewer, a small flower in its mouth. The painting could recall the noble and Imperial portraiture of 17th-century France.
To view complete information about the “Welcome Spring” exhibition along with the rest of the season’s lineup, visit Edgewood Orchard Galleries.
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