Featured Artwork: Leslie Duke presented by the Celebration of Fine Art

"One of Five" by Leslie Duke

“One of Five”

Oil on board

30 x 30 in.

About the Artist:

Leslie Duke is an illustrator-turned-fine artist.  A deep love for color and texture is clearly visible in her work, as well as an enthusiasm for finding the intrinsic beauty in seemingly simple subject matter.

Leslie is fascinated with color, particularly with its ability to prompt an emotional response from its audience. Her work explores color’s emotive capacity, focusing more on the overall atmosphere created by the color palette of each piece, rather than the actual subject matter depicted.  This approach is meant to create a unique visual experience, one that facilitates an inner dialogue by quietly probing the subconscious.

In addition to her BFA Illustration from Brigham Young University, Leslie has participated in workshops and studied with Daniel Keys and Sherrie McGraw, as well as a William Whitaker Apprenticeship from 2009-2013.  Leslie resides in Springville, UT with her musician husband and their energetic dogs.  She is an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University, and loves spending time in her studio, traveling, eating spicy foods and enjoying a good laugh.

Leslie’s work can be seen at the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale January 14 through March 26. 2017.  The Celebration of Fine Art is a unique art experience which gives visitors the opportunity to watch 100 artists in their working studios under one roof.  Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm, visitors enjoy strolling through the 100 artists’ studios under the 40,000 square foot exhibit tent.  Artists are on-site creating, allowing the visitor to watch them at work, discover what inspires them and the techniques used to create the works of art.  Come to Scottsdale to see more of Leslie’s works in person and discover the stories behind each unique work of art.



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