Opening a Salon

Charles Gilbert Kapsner, “Embodiment of Power,” oil, 8 x 16 in. (c) Charles Gilbert Kapsner 2016

In 2008, talented painter Charles Gilbert Kapsner decided to initiate his own salon, bringing celebrated artistic disciplines to central Minnesota. The latest edition of his salon is on view through November 26, featuring a range of beautiful images and more.

Opened on October 7 and on view through November 26, Charles Gilbert Kapsner’s Annual Salon is a fantastic cultural opportunity for residents of central Minnesota. It features fantastic works of art by several artists, and visitors will be treated to sculpture, printmaking, painting, and poetry.

The exhibition is at the Front Gallery in Little Falls, Minnesota, and included artists are Chris Welch, Laura Hansen, and Jill Moore. Via the artist’s webpage, “Bringing these various disciplines together is my way of making arts, and artists, accessible, and enriching the community. Diversity of experience opens the mind to a broader way of thinking. The Salon is designed with hopes that the audience explores other events, venues, and supports the arts across disciplines—whether it’s purchasing one-of-a-kind paintings, books, attending a concert or ballet, artists need patrons. A culture is measured by not only by the art produced, but how the public supports it. Thank you for supporting the talented artists, from all disciplines, who enrich our region.”

We couldn’t have said it better. To learn more, visit the Great River Arts Association.

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